Thursday, September 24, 2009, another unhappy LegalMatch client.

This is what the website says:

"BE Warned ! is one big scamming company.
Besides lying as to what they promise, they also make claims that are totally not true, and can cost a customer a lot of money.
The California State Bar does not even look upon Legal Match as an accredited Lawyer Referral Service, but merely as an advertising company.

I am looking for others that have been misled and lied to by Legal Match and that had actual loses, like me, due to Legal Match scrupulous dishonest referral tactics.

My own story will be forthcoming shortly.

please email me your story to"

I don't know who this is, but obviously, his experience was not good either. Post your comments below.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wasted $29,000 with LegalMatch. They are involved in over 200 lawsuits.

Unfortunately, we fell for the LegalMatch sales pitch, and wasted $29,000 on this service. What a rip-off. Now they are suing us for another $28,000 plus $1,000,000 for telling our story. They claim I am lying about the facts, but why would I lie if the service worked. It absolutely didn't work, and now the courts will decide.

I'm actually glad we will have our day in court, because we only asked for $9312 in refunds, but now we will ask for the entire $29,000 plus attorney fees.

They don't have a prayer in winning the $1,000,000, as LegalMatch forgets that you can tell a true story in America, it is not against the law.

I have received lots of emails with similar stories, and I am compiling information to use for defense of the lawsuit. Please comment below with your experiences using this service.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LegalMatch is involved in over 200+ Lawsuits.

Wow, what an eye-opener. Not only did service not work for us and won't refund the money they took after we cancelled, but they have sued or been sued over 200+ times according the San Francisco Superior Court Records. Here is the link:

Evidently, there have been plenty of unhappy clients like us.

Thanks for the emails and comments, please let us know how your experience was also.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LegalMatch filed the lawsuit...we are fighting for the right to tell our true story!!

I was just told that the lawsuit is being filed today. As I re-read the lawsuit, I'm confident that we will win the right to continue to post our story of why the service did not work for us, and how LegalMatch is trying to bully us into removing the story. We did terminate the contract early with LegalMatch, but we have some valid and significant reasons why, and we're pretty sure the courts will agree. But we'll find out.

I paid them $29,000 for 6 months for a service that did not work for our company, and I even lowered the refund request to $9,312, but they refused saying...

"I appreciate your efforts at trying to resolve this matter, but LegalMatch is adamant that no money will be refunded, since they are taking a significant loss on your breach of contract. The lawsuit was mailed to the court yesterday, so it should be filed today. I will have you officially served with the lawsuit early next week."

Due to this tough economy, I'm trying not to become a bk victim, and my company has barely enough to pay all the employees each month, but I have just enough resources left to fight for the right to post our experience, so I am going to. I'll continue updating this site on the progress of the lawsuit.

The amazing thing is that ALL this could disappear in a matter of minutes, but they refuse to refund any of the money they took from our account after we terminated our membership.

Not sure if you'll have the same experience with LegalMatch, but what a nightmare this has been for us!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update...LegalMatch wants me to remove my true story...interesting.

Finally I've got the attention of the LegalMatch corporate law firm.

So of course LegalMatch is upset that I've told the world about my unfortunate experience and my $29,000 mistake using their service. They still refuse to refund the 3 payments they took from my account after being told not to.

Instead, I've been told that they are about to file a lawsuit for $1,000,000 against me and a lawsuit against my company for $28,000 plus legal fees. I can't tell the true story of how their service did not work for us and how we were treated??

Well, I certainly don't have $1,000,000, and actually with this economy and my real estate investments that have me in debt to my eyeballs, if they win, they can have it all. I would love to file BK, start fresh as I'm already negative!!

Then LegalMatch would force me to close the company, put 30 hard working employees out of work and on the street, and it forces us to leave about 1000 clients without service. It would actually make my life simpler, so if that's what LegalMatch wants to do, then go ahead, put my business in BK too.

I really don't think we would lose the lawsuit though, but if we lose this, then we Americans have lost our right to free speech. What do you think, are we wrong for publishing our experience with their service??

Comments appreciated. And thanks for the many comments I've received already. I'm starting to get quite a following. Stay tuned for updates.

**If you are a law firm and would like to help us defend our right of telling a true experience, and help us to get our money back, please leave your phone number or email address in the comment section. It will not be published on this blog, and I will give you a call.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our story, the $29,000 ripoff by LegalMatch,

The following is our unfortunate experience as a client of is a service designed to match attorneys and clients. I'm not here to say whether it works or not for attorneys, as we are not an attorney firm. But that did not stop the motivated salesmen at LegalMatch (Stephen Pomerantz and Joshua Thompson) on trying to sell us a service that was not designed for our business.

After about 6 months of constant phone calls and pressure and promises from the sales staff in 2008, we decided to give the service a try. We tried very hard to make it work, but it failed miserably for us. At first, LegalMatch was trying to tweak the system to make it work, but trying to shove the square peg in the round hole never worked out. Then in March 2009, they pretty much just gave up after collecting more than $15,000 and quit returning our calls, ignored us completely, and still took an additional $14,000 out of our account in March, April and May 2009 even though they were told not to.

I called multiple times to have them stop, but they ignored all calls and emails, and continued to take money out of our account. Finally, I had to close the account. I called and emailed again multiple times to have them return the money that we did not authorize, but was totally ignored, not a single return call or email, nothing!!

Finally, since no one from LegalMatch ever bothered to respond, I was forced to file a BBB complaint to get anyone to talk with me. Finally I get a response from Ken Lamance, general counsel for LegalMatch, stating that I signed a contract, and they were still going to try and collect almost $28,000 more from us, even though I was sold a service that was not designed for our business and absolutely failed miserably. He basically referenced the contract that LegalMatch takes no responsibility. That would be a valid argument if we were a law firm in which the service is designed for, but we are not! So basically, they did not refund us the amount that was not authorized, and they are threatening to go after more.

We are willing to forfeit the $15,000 they collected up front, but to take $14,000 more after we had revoked our committment due to fatal flaws in their model and a cease of communication, well that money should be returned immediately.

I have left multiple more messages for the CEO Laurie Ziffrin and other executives of the company, but no one has bothered to call or email me back on my requests to speak with someone about the problems.

All we got was the complete run around and a huge bill for $29,000 with threats of another $28,000!!

If you've had problems with LegalMatch, Legal Match,, please post below, I would be interested to hear your story.

Notice to LegalMatch, I will be removing this blog when you refund the 3 payments that were taken without our consent from our account. Until then, the blogs of our experience and others will continue. And since the entire posting above is true, it is not libel, so don't hassle us with threats from attorneys about this factual account of how we were ripped off by

Also, I have until August 28th, 2009 to respond to the BBB whether the complaint has been resolved. I would love to report to them of LegalMatch's cooperation, but so far, they have ceased contact.

Also, if no resolution by 8-28-09, I will report this experience to, and if that happens, I will be unable to remove the posting. Unfortunately, that complaint will be on the internet forever, whereas this one can disappear with some immediate cooperation from LegalMatch.